We are a family of six with mom, four big boys and one little girl, all born in various locations around the world. Kate (mom) is from England and grew up around Europe before arriving in the US at age 17.
Sam (24) was born in Texas, Jacob (22) in England, Benjamin (17) in Hawaii, Maxwell (9) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Charlotte (6) is our southern belle born in Knoxville, Tennessee.

We have been living and traveling around the world, as evidenced by the children’s varying birth places, and have been fortunate to live in many great locations. Kate is a professor in education working for a couple of universities plus doing some consulting and is extremely lucky to be able to do most of her work online thus freeing up travel time. The children are all homeschooled and again this is great as it gives us freedom plus allows us to incorporate our love of travel into our learning experiences.

While we do love traveling, dragging suitcases and children on and off planes, trains and taxis is not always that exciting so we usually try to find a main location and then head off from there. We rented a condo in Malaysia and took wonderful trips around the country and into Thailand. We spent three months in Costa Rica a couple of years ago and now we are in the middle of a three month jaunt to Europe.

Hope you hang in and read our updates.