The next morning it was drizzly rain but we had a delicious breakfast (all the restaurants are covered but open plan so they can be a bit warm as it is much hotter and stickier in that region) of mango pancakes and omelets this time.

Max in Mono Azul Hotel restaurant.

max in mono azul restaurant

Then we loaded up and headed home, stopping in Jaco to see what that beach was like. We had heard this is the “Myrtle Beach on spring break” town of Costa Rica. There were lots of half built condos and a road full of ice cream shops and bars. The beach though was not impressive as the sand is black silt and rocky from local rivers that pour into it. A local American woman we met said the area was nice except for the profusion of bars and prostitutes. We ended up not sticking around and drove home – happily arriving back before the heavy rainstorms that hit again last night. A good trip but financially heavy. At $170 a night for the hotel plus expensive places to eat, these short trips take a toll on the budget. And we certainly are not staying in the expensive resorts or eating at the priciest restaurants. Certainly not as reasonable to be here as we had hoped – oh well still lovely and we shall keep on exploring.

Max wanted this photo in — he is holding a beautiful piece of coral but sadly the colours didn’t come through.

park 2

And Charlotte insisted on this one of more monkeys at the hotel. This one had a baby on its back and Charlotte kept begging to be able to hold it. She said “I would kiss it wots and wots.”

monkey at hotel3