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Month: May 2009

Our Additional Family Members

Thought we would share a few pictures of our additional family members. Our still loved old guy was Charlie (seen here with Max when he was about 2 years old) who died on the same day I found out I was pregnant with (now) Charlotte — no one tell her she was named after the dog!

max and charlie

Here is said Charlotte with our other older guy, George (he’s 10 and she’s 3). Lovely George puts up with many different outfits and play times each day. He particularly enjoys tea party when he gets biscuits.



Then there is Tallulah who is about 5 years old. We got her from a border collie rescue group after she and her sister were dropped off at a kill-shelter in Georgia. We think she was a farm dog as she knows some commands but does not know how to play with toys. She’s a sweetie but very driven to herd and spends her days staring and stalking the cat!


And then there is the stalked cat. She couldn’t care less about Tallulah and occasionally hits her on the nose to remind the dog that cats are in charge!


I won’t bother with all the gerbil or small animal pictures as they don’t sit still long enough in costumes to be really exciting!

Last one is Max with Tallulah. Both had fallen asleep under my desk as I worked!



We have lived in this area for a total of 9 years now and decided it was time we finally went to Dollywood. Our homeschool group had good deals on season tickets so we spent a couple of visits there now. The park is owned by country music singer Dolly Parton who grew up in the town it’s in. It’s themed around Appalachian/crafts and old timey kind of things.


I have to say the park itself is really nice. Good rides with lots of shade and places to sit down. Even water fountains and people who wander around asking if you need help or directions. The shows we have seen have been good as well. Some of the visitors to the park are “interesting” but if you view it as a good sociological study of the varieties of human kind, it takes the edge off!

Glad dad doesn’t mind getting wet:


Charlotte is a little speed demon but Max and I are quite happy on the carousel!


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