This is a summer of change and one in which the term roots and wings is beginning to seem like a bad idea — no more wings for my kids!

Jacob left this morning to move into the dorm in his Atlanta university. I’ve called him twice and he’s called me twice so we are even. It’s an exciting time and I think will be a good fit for him but is hard on mom (and siblings — Charlotte shed tears when she woke this morning and he’d already gone). Sam will be moving to Denver next week so we get to go through it all over again.

I found some old family beach photos that I thought would be fun to post. Good reminders of the many trips and joys we have shared and hopes of many more to come! Forgive my wandering into the past but the changes make a mom sentimental.

Three here from Scarborough beach in England — about 1990-92. My home and birthplace and somewhere the older two boys loved.




Moving on in years — some memories from Hawaii:


Then Jacob (the biggest) and Ben in Khorfikan, United Arab Emirates:


And lastly a teenage Sam parasailing in Malaysia:


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