The conference I attended in Prague took everyone on coach trips to encourage communication and friendship among the faculty members attending. It was a really neat way to get to know attendees from around the world. The trip we went on was to Kutna Hora, which was about 1:15 minutes from the center of Prague.

bone church 2

The main thing here was the bone church, which began in the 13th Century and with wars, and plagues over the years, began to get very crowded with human remains. It’s believed there are about 40,000 remains here and they have been made into various “decorations” such as chandeliers and towers. I worried it may be too scary for the children and they were tense going in but then we all really felt nothing much.

bone church

Max said it was scarier online with the background music. I think the mass of tourists just kind of made it rather Disney’ish plus the people died so long ago from more natural causes that it wasn’t eerie. I actually thought the Jewish Quarter in Prague to be far more unsettling and sad.

kutna hora bone church

We went onwards to the town, which again has beautiful old cathedrals, and buildings that impress. This smaller town though was less developed than Prague and very quiet outside of the main square. Pretty but wouldn’t go other than it’s a beautiful big church.

kutna hora area