brussels 3

One of the things we did enjoy in Brussels was chocolate. We hit multiple chocolate shops and bought little bags of Belgian chocolates of all fillings. I considered it research of course. Our favorite turned out to be Galler (pricey) and Leonidas (same taste but very reasonable). By the end of the day I think we had consumed a kilo each!

The food choices were also more interesting than in Holland. We had a good fixed price meal similar to Paris for 12 euros a person. The Littles and I had raw oysters with main course of 2 types of fish and lamb. Then later for dinner we were tired and had a great and cheap meal from a Greek place near the Grand Place.

brussels oysters

The food is reported to equal Paris. We did not find this but perhaps we were in the wrong areas as we only hit tourist spots.

Anyway we are in support of the guidebooks in suggesting only visiting Brussels on your way to Brugge or other places. I remember it from childhood so it was interesting to go back but I wouldn’t bother going as a regular tourist spot. If you do then plan on one day tops.

Footnote to this. We were shopping in the covered gallery mall in The Hague later on and ran across a little Leonidas chocolate shop! Prices are the same and quality just as good. Phew we can renew our stock!