Our first Easter in Dubai, Jake and I decided that on a trip to Abu Dhabi we would visit the pet souk and get a bunny for the Littles who were seriously missing their dogs in the US. However we made the mistake of holding a floppy eared beagle instead of the bunny and immediately fell in love. After turning over ridiculous amounts of money (we are normally shelter-dog people so this was painful and against our regular values), we drove home with this guy.


The kids were all enamored with him and he quickly has become a family member. Took awhile to get a name down but then we decided on Darwin (yes that goes with Beagle). We have always had border collies and labs before but my mom has a bloodhound so I am somewhat familiar with the trials and tribulations of hounds. Darwin has lived up to this reputation spectacularly and is a crazy and wild pup. He is not to be trusted with food, trash, shoes, clothing, small toys (we look like an amputee ward), or anything he can get into his mouth really. I’ve never known a dog eat so many things and so rapidly destroy household items. He took ages to housebreak but thankfully we have tiles throughout the house.


I don’t really know why he is adored by all of us but somehow he is. Certainly has made Dubai more home-like.