We decided rather last minute to go to Luxor as the situation in other parts of Egypt was worrying but had not made it to the South yet. So glad we did as it felt safe but tourism was so reduced that it was heart breaking. People are really struggling and even the horses used to pull carriages looked to be starving. Sad situation.

Luxor and Aswan are amazing though. I’ve always been a lover of Egyptian history since my grandmother took me to the British Museum as a child to see the Tutankhamen exhibition. In our homeschooling journey we have also studied quite a bit but nothing really prepared us for how incredible it is to stand in these huge temples. And visiting the Valley of the Kings and going into the tombs (Tutankhamen was not the most elaborate but still wonderful to be in) is memorable.

The colors and detail that still exist are astounding. One of the best parts though was simply all being together with my brother Tim.


Too many wonderful photos. The light around the Nile is soft and hazy and somehow the entire place is rather magical.