We were excited to go back to Malaysia as had spent three months there back in 2001 and loved it. Ten years ago we took a train from Penang (actually Georgetown on the mainland) to Bangkok and back. It’s 24 hours each way and lots of fun. We decided to do the same journey one way so travelled from Bangkok overnight and then took the ferry over to Penang and a bus on into Batu Ferringhi Beach where we had rented a condo in the same unit we did before. I believe the train was the exact same one and sadly had seen quite a bit of wear and tear. The toilet was quite an experience but they still made up the beds with sheets and pillows and delivered food for dinner and breakfast.



There has been an enormous amount of building growth on Penang which is good but most of the new condos seemed empty and there has been little road development so we found it very crowded and slow driving. Buses are great though. Clean and fast – and cheap.


Things were quiet in Batu Ferringhi as it was Ramadan so not as many visitors from Arab countries. We enjoyed the off season.

View over Georgetown


Reclining Buddha