We had a really fun find in Kampot. Our tour guide from last summer’s Angkor Wat/Siem Reap (Cambodia but about 6-9 hours away from where we were this summer) turned up. He was taking a couple around the country for 10 days and they were staying in our hotel. Vanny was an amazing guide last summer. Very knowledgeable about history and culture plus current issues. He also quickly understood what we liked and so took us through forests and in to temples by scrambling over rocks etc. Made it fun for the kids.



It was so much fun to catch up and a very “small world” moment. The next day we drove to Ho Chi Minh/Saigon. It took us almost 10 hours with two minivans and a walk across the border. Luckily we hit the border early and were the only ones there so it was fast.

We booked into the hotel we stayed at over New Year:


The people remembered us and so it was a great catch up time with the people who run it and their little girl who Charlotte had really enjoyed playing with. Later the server at the restaurant remembered us as did the old lady who walks around selling books. It was quite enjoyable to know people. Sometimes returning to a place is relaxing and you get to enjoy it in a different way.