View of a street:


The Littles and I headed to the zoo and a couple of museums today while the big boys went off to the tunnels. After the Killing Fields I thought we had enough of war for the younger two. We had to dodge heavy rain showers so spent time with Vietnamese families in the zoo restaurants sitting it out. The place is a bit decrepit in places but no worse than others I’ve seen. Last New Year we were there also and it was packed with families all out picnicking and enjoying the park like areas.

Cats are everywhere – even in the large animal cages like this. But they don’t seem to keep up with rats. We saw quite a lot of them running around! One just about ran over Jake’s foot the next day.


Reunification Palace


During the Fall of Saigon OR as it is known here, the Liberation.

Tanks of the liberation force entering the Doc Lap (Independence) Palace (now the Reunification Palace) in Saigon (now HCMC) at 9:30 am on April 30, 1975