We have visited Hua Hin a couple of times now and really enjoy it. This is the summer palace of the King and Queen of Thailand about 3.5 hours south east of Bangkok. It’s a good and easy road to get there and usually more Thai people than foreigners. It has great night markets, beaches, temples, elephant sanctuaries, a winery, and enough of a party vide at night to keep the young’uns happy (big young’uns). We like the Ko Takiab side past Monkey Mountain.



It’s been enjoyable going to the same town a couple of times as there is comfort in knowing our way around.




There is a nice little mall with enough variety of restaurants, small shops and a Tesco to entertain and provide enough shopping to keep all happy. The night market has good street food and outdoor restaurants for the evening entertainment. Plus at weekends there is the nighttime Cicada Market that has handicrafts (good ones) and loads of food stalls.


During the day the beach is a good walking place. We tend not to swim as jellyfish seem a problem and the water is rather murky but then mine all prefer swimming in pools anyway. But there are horse rides on the beach and people collecting clams, plus even better there are lounge chairs to rent that are connected to the beach restaurants/bars.


Once ensconced on one of these, the vendors make their way past and you can purchase all kinds of clothing, ice cream and snacks, have a pedicure or manicure, and even get a massage. It’s pretty easy to spend the afternoon having an hour-long massage, a couple of icy cold beers, pedicure and lunch for less than $25. Throw in a good book and it’s my kind of day!