We spent an amazing first week in Mexico at the Worldschooling Family Summit held in Puerto Morelos that is a neat little fishing town half an hour (and another world really) away from Cancun. There were about 100 people from all around the globe hanging out and learning from each other. Kids played and made new friends under watchful eyes of worldschool teens while parents talked travel and learning and also made friendships.



It was a great start to a few months in Mexico and we ended up with loads of new friends, many of whom we met up with again over the next months around the region. Hopefully we will meet some of them again at who knows where around the world.


Puerto Morelos is a fun little town. We stayed in the village side but had a car to drive the 10 minutes to the beach. We ended up going back there for the last week of our time in Mexico as we loved it so much. One evening while sitting in the little town square at an evening market, I looked around and realized that it was very similar to Gulfport, Florida, which we love back “home.” There is a used bookstore, great coffee shop, little playground on the square, amazing ice cream shops, beach, and loads of seafood restaurants with great ceviche and cold beer. All the things we love and filled with friendly people.