We decided to spend a few weeks in Oaxaca City (pronounced wa-hah-kah), capital of the same-named state as it’s renowned for it’s food and art. It’s about 300 miles south of Mexico City and quite high up – about 5500 feet. The mountains surrounding it and bright blue skies, low humidity and warm days/cool nights reminded me of southern California. This is another city that is heavily populated with indigenous peoples (about 50%) and the mix of traditional clothing and foods is lovely.

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The town is very colonial with the main zocalo (main square) and big cathedral. Buildings are form the 16th Century and sport many bright colors. Walking is easy around the city but can get busy in the zocalo areas. Everywhere you turn in Oaxaca is colorful from art museums to street art and music plays everywhere. We saw multiple wedding processions with huge puppets and bands playing. Dancers with baskets on their heads encourage everyone to join in.

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There were free ballet folklorico shows going on in outside temporary settings as well as other free dance shows in the multiple theatres around the city. It really is rich in culture.

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Dancing and music and churches!

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Colonial Buildings and Color and even Mayan breastfeeding art!

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