The offerings in food within the main city though were very good. Throw out all you think you know about Mexican food as this is nothing like Tex-Mex in the US. We liked the tlayudas (bit like a big pizza) and the grilled meats hall in the markets.


Jicama, water melon, mango, and oranges are all available from the many street vendors selling bags as are grasshoppers – chapulines. Funny watching my kids play cards and snack away on a bag of these. Small ones are crunchiest and larger – well chewy! These are sold all over the place and on many menus so not just for tourist shock. They also grind up agave worms and mix it with chili which is served with mexcal. We tried it but can’t say have embraced it.

IMG_4980 IMG_4606

One thing we did embrace was the hot chocolate with milk or water coupled with a soft bun to dip is absolutely the best. I want some NOW. It’s drunk for breakfast or dinner but we broke tradition and had it whenever we could.


This site has the best pictures and descriptions of foods there. Really worth browsing:


From Tlayudas to Tamales (Eating Our Way Around Oaxaca)