This was a new park to us and it didn’t disappoint. Located just before you get to Jaco, it took us about 30 minutes from Atenas (morning with no traffic). We followed suggestions and got there early and there were guides waiting for hire. We chose not to because we don’t like to follow a guide (too independent) plus they cost $60 for a couple of hours and we had read they weren’t fully necessary.

2016-04-18 09.24.32 2016-04-18 09.24.39

The first loop is an all access one and would be fine for wheelchairs or strollers. It’s close to the road and we didn’t see much there but it’s a pleasant 30-45 minute loop. From it you head off on two others that, while good trails, would not be wheel friendly. Toddlers or preschoolers would do fine though. However it is hot and sticky and there is no water for sale in the park so bring plenty. We did use bug spray but didn’t see mosquitoes. The foliage is pretty dense so there is little wind to cool you off. It is comprised of both dry and tropical rainforest so mixes it up a bit and supposedly they have 45% of all the species of Costa Rica’s wildlife living in it. Entrance fee is $10 for adults and $5 for children.

2016-04-18 10.52.38 macaws 2016-04-18 10.06.52

We were lucky enough to see a nesting pair of scarlet macaws, two types of monkeys, boa constrictor (slithered right in front of us on the path which made us jump), gorgeous green poison dart frogs, various types of lizards, leaf cutter ants, multiple brightly colored birds, and a range of weird insects.

2016-04-18 09.52.57 2016-04-18 10.23.45 2016-04-18 09.56.44