The Heads at Knysna

Getting to Knysna from Colchester took about 4-5 hours with a stop for lunch. We had a place that was just out of town that ended up being delightful. It was on a road into an area called Rheenendal and reminded us a lot of northern California with small farms, yoga, organic farm stalls, and teashops. Our apartment (2 bedrooms) was one of four by a couple who had spent years traveling and then decided to settle back in her homeland. They renovated an old school up on a hillside overlooking a lovely ravine. The work they have done on this place is amazing. The apartments are very Scandi and calming with soft colours and uncluttered feel and the outside has little paths leading to hidden benches and repurposed flowerpots and artwork dotted around.

Gorgeous views of the valley from the apartment.

There were also delightful gardens to hang out in although the duck ponds were empty of water because of the drought. They had also hacked their way down the ravine and made a very walkable but long trail down to the river at the bottom. We got about half way down this accompanied by their lovely dog but it was getting dark and strange noises were heard (baboons and monkeys live there) so a hasty uphill journey ensued!

Woodlands Self Catering:

Knysna is a nice beach town but we liked our little place up the mountain best. We did try the oysters and beer that the town is famous for. We didn’t love the oysters as they were a bit stringy and overly salty compared to Florida ones plus they served them with overly sweet dressing. Cooked ones were good according to Grandma but raw only OK. We found a nice grocery store with decent fruit and vegetables (it’s been more limited here so far) and got delicious figs and mangos. We also ate local organic lamb and pork from the farm shop that was delicious eaten on the terrace overlooking “our” ravine. It was nice to be homebodies for a couple of nights.