Fancy sushi at Nobu

We ate at some pretty great restaurants while in Cape Town. It’s a very cosmopolitan and impressive city with top chefs opening all kinds of places.

We got to have sushi at Nobu and sample African delicacies of zebra, ostrich, warthog, kudu and mopane worms.




Grandma’s not too sure of the worms.

Neither is Auntie Jo!

The worms were a little hard to get down psychologically and tasted best to us when roasted rather than softer in a sauce (squishy that way). Max also liked the biltong which is jerky from various kinds of African animals and available all over the place. It’s kind of South African fast food.



Our favorite evening was a visit to the number one tripadvisor rated restaurant in Cape Town: Mzansi. The restaurant was started by “Mama” in her house in Langa Township.


She has a team of local township cooks and musicians and serves about 20 visitors or so a night. The food is delicious and everyone tries to make you feel welcome and “at home.”

Don’t the kids look like they are having fun!

The musicians are great but the fun started when they get everyone included with homemade shakers and drums. We laughed so hard we couldn’t keep up – although our musical talent is such that it was hard to anyway. The township is not a place you drive to at night by yourself but they arrange safe transport to and from and we felt completely secure the whole time. Really a must go to spot.




The driver (Stephen) who picked us up has ended up as a family friend. Erika Green (amazingly talented daughter in law) created a website for him and we hope he will soon be on tripadvisor. He is the nicest tour guide and we really enjoyed getting to know him and learning about life in southern Africa. Please consider contacting him if you need any tours in the region.

27 73 315 9849







Fancy meals with family

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Brunching with family

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