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Month: August 2018


We are only about 2.5 hours from Venice here in Slovenia so had to take a trip there. It’s been a hot summer which is not so much fun in a crowded, touristy city so when a cold front was coming through we took advantage of it. The drive there was rainy and cold but by the time we go onto the water taxis it turned out to be perfect (70s) weather and dry.

I apologize for so many pictures but goodness this was a beautiful city. I’d been as a teen and fondly remembered it but wandering around with the kids (and Darwin) meant for a special few days.

We ate well for sure including squid ink past and of course pizzas.


Road Trip to Slovenia

We had a house swap in Slovenia so headed from UK across mainland Europe. The driving was very easy with great highways and no real road works or delays. German autobahns were a fun experience to revisit!

The chunnel is so easy and fast. I can’ t imagine taking a ferry anymore given how simple it is to drive onto the train and sit in the car while it shoots under the sea. And so much easier with Darwin too.

We stopped in Belgium for one night and stayed across the road from the huge Stella Artois brewery (a favorite beer) but goodness the country is so expensive I’m glad it was a short visit. We pushed on and stayed a night in Bavaria and had a lovely meal in a non touristy restaurant complete with accordion/traditional musicians.  Fun times.

Then we spent a couple of days in the most amazing spot: Kranjska Gora which is in the top part of Slovenia in the Julian Alps. I fell in love with this little town and really hope to get back. The colours were amazing and the mountains surrounding were impressive. There are loads of ski slopes for those who venture out in the cold too. I prefer summer!


On the way to our house we stopped at Lake Bled. Lovely but far too crowded for us and parking was a nightmare. We quickly moved on but would be worth going back to in the off season.


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