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Month: September 2019

Stratford Upon Avon Again

I realized that we would be leaving the Lake District and driving south to Gatwick in order to fly to France and this would be over my birthday. So, I managed to get tickets at the Royal Shakespeare theater again and we stayed in the lovely old Mercure hotel nearby.

Math class still happens on mom’s birthday and from a 13th Century hotel

We ate dinner at the restaurant there – Marco Pierre White Italian place (yum) and then walked down to the theater to see the show King John.

It was really a fun one with lots of heavy themes and even a good fight. I was glad I’d read the synopsis before as it got a tad confusing (what Shakespearian play doesn’t) and it was one I’d not had to read in school before. We all enjoyed it a lot and it was perfect birthday celebration!

Food fight clean up

The next days we enjoyed lazy breakfasts and boat rides on the Avon. Plus shopping of course.

I really like the city and Charlotte enjoyed it even more as we’ve been watching a fun detective show called Shakespeare and Hathaway set there!

Lake District in the UK: Keswick

We decided to spend some time in the Lake District in the UK for fall (Florida being just too hot to feel autumnal) and take Grandma along. We again used house swapping points as this is quite a pricey area to stay in. We had a great house just off the main street of Keswick shops and restaurants and could walk the entire town.

It reminded us a lot of Colorado in many ways as we were just about the only people not wearing high tech walking and hiking shoes and outfits. We had no fancy walking sticks or even a dog (Darwin stayed home this time) as did just about every person in the Lakes area! Still we enjoyed gentle walks and boat rides on various lakes in the area.

We also headed north to Hadrian’s Wall and then into Scotland briefly.

It was lovely weather overall and just a little chilly on the boats but nothing horrible. We did have to wrap up from the rain and Charlotte found a great riding school where thankfully we could watch her from the car as it was raining quite heavily (they battled on regardless).

It’s another incredibly beautiful spot in the UK. Very well worth a visit in any season.

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