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Month: November 2019

Quick trip to the Algarve, Portugal

We just had a few days but decided to have a quick visit to a new country. We drove in from Spain and stopped just short of the border in Huelva to visit the Christopher Columbus museum complete with replicas of the ships. It was really interesting reading about the explorer through the eyes of the Spanish after hearing the US history so often.

We travelled along a very good highway to the house we had rented in a smaller town called Olhao which was close to Faro. Olhao is a smaller fishing town with amazing fish and produce markets. We had an incredible old house with high ceilings and beautiful historical accents. Unfortunately it had not been updated to include heating and so it was COLD. We layered outfits and had space heaters in one room but still struggled a bit.

The food was decent and if we had longer, the markets would have provided some goodies for meals. Wine was CHEAP and good. Some positives. Not sure I’d race back to the Algarve but I would certainly visit other places in the country.

Back to Andalusia

I had a conference to attend in Seville so we flew to Malaga and drove up to Cordoba for a few days first. We all fell in love with this amazing city. It’s just large enough to be walkable but filled with heritage sites and narrow alleys and delicious restaurants. Charlotte also went to a wonderful riding stable a couple of times which of course was a hit.

The mosque with a cathedral inside of it is one of the most incredible historic sites I’ve visited. Really encourage anyone to go to Cordoba and visit this. It was memorable.

From Cordoba we drove to Seville where we had a lovely apartment right in the pedestrian area of the city. We could walk to everything (although Seville is a large city so needs to be done over plenty of days). Having spent time there the year before it was nice to show Grandma places we knew and discover new spots.

View from our apartment

A trip south to Jerez was fun as Max is learning to make mead so interested in the sherry processing. Then a drive back up to the village we stayed in for 3 months the year before – Jimena de la Frontera and back to Malaga. Short trip but lovely.

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