Coyoacan square

Charlotte and I took a trip to the city for a week as we were craving museums.

We stayed in La Condesa area and loved it. Our boutique hotel was right across from the main park and we surrounded by lovely restaurants.

We had sushi one night and Charlotte had veggie sushi with mushrooms that she claimed was the best she’d ever eaten. We also went to a great taco place that also catered to vegetarians and was delicious.

Amazing Pizza

And then we found a pizza place that had the big wood fire to cook them in. This was again wonderful and dare I saw one of the best pizzas we’ve had (even in Italy and Croatia)!

La Condesa Park
La Condesa Park

The museums did not disappoint. I think our favorite was the Soumaya Museum. This had a huge private art collection and when we were there was free to the public. It’s huge and the top floor was filled with Rodin sculptures and Degas paintings and more. Incredible collection.

Soumaya Museum
Soumaya Museum

We have been to the anthropological museum before so skipped it this time (but I do recommend it highly). We did go nearby to another in Chapultepec Park – The Museum of Modern Art. We enjoyed most of this but one painter was really weird and disturbing and we felt a strange addition. Still you remember the strange ones I think.

Casa Azul

Another day was spent in Coyoacán and a visit to the Frida Kahlo museum – Casa Azul.

We like this area of the city and enjoy breakfast in the square (amazing pastries) and then the market there. The museum is interesting and good to learn a bit more about Frida but we really don’t think it’s as great as hyped up to be. Enjoyable though.

A snack from the market anyone?

There are still loads of museums to visit in Mexico City so I see another visit coming on!