The main city square

After reading in some international-focused move abroad magazines, we decided to spend a few days in Uruguay. We only had time for the capital city of Montevideo so our view is perhaps limited.

It’s about a 40 minute drive from the airport to city center and we booked a private car as recommended. This was nice as we had been on overnight flights from Mexico City to Bogota (the airport there is lovely) and then on to Montevideo. The price was about $75 pre-booking privately. When we left we simply took an Uber and that was only $22. Lesson learned.

The city is hard to be enamored with honestly although the people are friendly and we had some good food.

There were some nice bookstores

One of the kids asked if this was a communist country as they were reminded of Eastern Europe. It was very drab and lacked color. There were some lovely old buildings tucked in between large concrete blocks of apartments (but the old ones were rarely renovated). The thing that jumped out to us was that no one had any plants or flowers on their balconies. There was no color or desire to make spaces look inviting.

Some of the best spots we found

We were also a bit shocked at the amount of trash strewn all over the place. This plus loads of dog poop were unpleasant to walk around in the city.

Walking along the rambla ( the sea front) was no different either.

The Rambla
We did find a good market