We had a lovely house swap just outside of Paris but with easy train rides into the city. It also allowed us to do lots of day trips around too.

The picture above looks so lovely with our favorite crepes but then we fell into laughing as Mark snaffled the top of Charlotte’s crepe — kids!

One of the day trips was somewhere I had wanted to go for years and that was Giverny – Claude Monet’s garden. It was really lovely and so worth the drive out there to visit. I think we all enjoyed it even though it was quite full that day.

We celebrated Halloween there and went to a farm to pick out our pumpkins. A very rainy and cold day!

And on another rainy and cold day we headed up north to the coast and went to Honfleur. It’s a lovely town and probably better enjoyed when a tad dryer and warmer but it was nice to visit.

A fun house swap in a great location although slightly “dangerous” as it was a five minute walk to a wonderful boulangerie with incredible tarts and bread. We indulged a tad often!