After our house swap outside of Paris finished, we were struggling with the cold and damp and lack of blue skies. So, after looking at the map, we loaded up the car and headed south. The rain stayed with us most of the way until we hit the Mediterranean and turned southwest into Spain. We had not been to the northern part of Spain before and so settled on Girona as our base.

And I’m so glad we did. We really loved it here. Our house was in the north part up in the pine forest again with lovely sunsets.

The old part of Girona dates back again to Medieval times with an old walled quarter and Roman ruins. There are windy pedestrian streets with museums and restaurants plus lovely old Arabic baths next to the Cathedrals.

Charlotte found a great stable to ride at although it was interesting to now juggle Catalan as well as Spanish in her instruction. Very nice and patient people and quite a horsey-area.

It is an easy train trip (35 minutes) into Barcelona and driving to the beach takes about 45 minutes. We loved the windy road going over to Cadaques although driving through the little seaside town meant going along a one-way “road” on the quayside with large water drop off. I was not a fan of that!

There are loads of small villages to explore, each with its own history and incredible buildings. The driving is easy and it’s such a pleasant and sunny area that I hope we will be back soon.