With Charlotte now in her last year of high school (well she’s dual enrolled in university) we decided to do a last couple of worldschool popups with other families. These are a great way to travel to a place and be able to connect with parents and kids to do day trips or meals or classes etc. together. With the one we like, there is flexibility to choose which activities to join and there is no pressure to be social if you don’t feel like it (as introverts we like this).


The week-long pop up in Yogyakarta meshed with our dates nicely so we flew from Bangkok to Singapore (18 hour stop over) and then on to Jogja as the locals call it. The popup was centered around the Hyatt (not usually done this way) which was a large resort with golf course, multiple restaurants, gorgeous pools, spa etc. We were able to use points and book the club access which meant a huge buffet breakfast, cocktail hours, and “snacks” in the evening (these were really full meals).

We ended up enjoying the resort so much that most of our meals were there and we spent quite a few days lounging by the pool with a cold coconut to drink and our books. In our defense, two of us did come down with some kind of chest infection (not COVID thankfully) and so tried to isolate a bit. We did go to a big mall that was filled with top name brands and there were plenty of markets and street food areas. It’s easy to eat very well for a low price here.

One day (pre-illness) we went with the group to Borobudur Temple which is famous because it is the largest Buddhist temple compound in the world. The temple has hundreds of Buddha statues, decorative reliefs, and stories from the life and teachings of Buddha. It was very nice but VERY hot and humid.

It was a really nice week spent with some amazing people who are likewise traveling the world with their kids. I think our favorite times were just hanging out in the lounge over dinner and drinks and getting to know everyone.

Below in the distance is Mount Merapi which is an active volcano and when there are no clouds, the lava explosions can be seen. We were assured that we were far enough from it to not be in danger.