The Apple store (dome on the left) is neat.

We were traveling from Bangkok to Yogyakarta and one of the cheap flights had a layover in Singapore for 18 hours so we thought why not (and day time layover). We arrived about lunchtime and checked into the airport hotel there and then quickly got a Grab into the main area of the city. We started in Marina Bay Sands which is a big shopping mall but we needed lunch so this worked out. Walking out of there we went straight into the Gardens by the Bay as I really wanted to see these big trees in the area and go across the walkway to view them.

It’s a lovely area and the gardens are very pretty with lakes and must be impressive at night too. Unfortunately with limited time and the very high heat that day, we didn’t venture far.

We later headed to one of the famous Hawker Food stands and had quite a nice dinner.

Back to the hotel for some sleep and then off early the next morning to Indonesia. I’d go back to Singapore but it didn’t excite me. Prices were very high but it was extremely clean!