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Kranjska Gora – Wow

Kransjka Gora

Some worldschooling families recommended this small town high in the Slovenian Alps to us and I am so grateful. This is one of those places you can easily imagine living for longer in and I sure hope to get back soon.

It’s a small town nestled in mountains with turquoise rivers flowing through. There are walking and bike trails all over so you can tackle gentle strolls to highly skilled climbing.

We found loads of restaurants of all types with great food (lots of Italian/pizza). The town has many ski slopes that look to start right next to the hotels and shops but thankfully it was summer for our visit.


The capital city of Slovenia is just less than an hour from our house swap so we have visited a couple of times. It’s really a lovely city and has some great restaurants, museums, and markets. On Fridays there is a huge food fair with top notch stalls of food.

There are a few Arabic restaurants and we had to indulge. Delicious.

The Museum of Illusions is a fun one too.


Slovenia: Lake Cerknica

Our house swap is in a gorgeous country house set on the shores of Lake Cerknica. This is a fascinating lake that disappears in summer and then the water comes back for the other three seasons. It drains down to underground rivers and caverns and is all part of the Karst region here which is filled also with under ground caves.

We went to one that is huge (Postojna Cave) and you take a train about 4 kilometers in and then walk for an hour. It’s one of the biggest we have been in and fascinating. From there you can go up to the Predjama Castle. This is built into a cave with more underneath.

The whole region (and our backyard) is filled with apple trees, plum trees, and vegetable gardens. It’s really great to see but we are running out of ideas of what to do with all the plums!

Charlotte went riding here too:


Road Trip to Slovenia

We had a house swap in Slovenia so headed from UK across mainland Europe. The driving was very easy with great highways and no real road works or delays. German autobahns were a fun experience to revisit!

The chunnel is so easy and fast. I can’ t imagine taking a ferry anymore given how simple it is to drive onto the train and sit in the car while it shoots under the sea. And so much easier with Darwin too.

We stopped in Belgium for one night and stayed across the road from the huge Stella Artois brewery (a favorite beer) but goodness the country is so expensive I’m glad it was a short visit. We pushed on and stayed a night in Bavaria and had a lovely meal in a non touristy restaurant complete with accordion/traditional musicians.  Fun times.

Then we spent a couple of days in the most amazing spot: Kranjska Gora which is in the top part of Slovenia in the Julian Alps. I fell in love with this little town and really hope to get back. The colours were amazing and the mountains surrounding were impressive. There are loads of ski slopes for those who venture out in the cold too. I prefer summer!


On the way to our house we stopped at Lake Bled. Lovely but far too crowded for us and parking was a nightmare. We quickly moved on but would be worth going back to in the off season.


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