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Pueblos Blancos in Andalusia

Our house is on this street — on the left of the square

We rented a house from the sabbatical dot com website as I fell in love with the walk through video they had made. The house is probably over 300 years old and just gorgeous; part of an old convent. Flagstones, wooden windows and old doors, hidden patios tucked away, claw foot tub and chandelier, and a little pool all made me just have to live here for a bit. The owner is delightful too and really helpful with everything which sure helps for an easy landing. We are told that half the village has fiber internet and it’s coming to this house soon – that will be nice! Internet is OK but not consistently good.

Here is the video walk through of the house:


The house is located in a small white village in the Southern part of Spain about half an hour drive from the coast and Gibraltar. Jimena de la Frontera is one of the historical “pueblos blancos” where the buildings are all painted white. It’s lovely driving through the country when you can see these villages across a valley tucked away in the mountains. We are just a few houses from the main square and have various restaurants and cafes around us but it’s still a quiet little place. An old castle looms down on us and it’s a pretty, albeit strenuous, walk up to it. From the top you can see Gibraltar and Morocco on a clear day!

The house was a bit chilly at first and with the flagstones it took a bit to warm up plus they have had an unusually cold and long winter. We wore layers of clothes a lot and put to good use the oil heaters and wood stove. It’s not hot yet but we are told the house stays lovely and cool in summer because of the thick walls and stone floors. We shall see in June.

Road Trip Through Spain

We headed out from Florida again with one-way tickets to Europe (yay) and this time our team had expanded to include Darwin the beagle and Mark (grandson) and his mom. Our landing was in Barcelona and from there we drove down in the new car to our long-term rental in Andalusia. We only spent four nights traveling as it’s just 11 hours down the east coast. We stayed for two nights just south of Barcelona in a beach suburb called Castelldefels. It was a quieter side of the city I think and all the more as it was quite chilly at the end of March so few people at the beach. Food was OK. Internet was lousy at the Airbnb but still a relaxed settling in.

We then drove about half way down the coast and stayed in another beach town called Puerto de Mazarron. Again it was rather sleepy and quiet with most of the houses looking a tad depressing. Shutters on all the windows and a desolate feel to it. I think this could be normal of the beach areas we saw all the way down the coast. Between shutters, dead flower-pots, factories, and concrete block high rises, it wasn’t exactly an exciting intro to Spain. I’m afraid the coastal route did little to impress us nor did the internet speed in either place!


From about Malaga on it was prettier and veering inland a bit near Granada was lovely with lots of sweeping open views and mountains.

Highways are very easy to access although tolls are not cheap. Everywhere is pretty easy to drive in but there some narrow country roads and old city streets that make you gasp a bit. Central Seville was quite nerve wracking!

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